Marketing Automation

Automate more than marketing messages

FlowStack Automation Marketing Automation is more than sending an e-mail at 7:00 in the morning.
Though Marketing is part of the name, you can automate anything from marketing messages to booking reminders.

Marketing automation and orchestration within FlowStack’s CDP extend beyond the conventional approach of sending scheduled emails. The CDP’s integrated marketing automation features, including the flow builder, enable you to automate diverse customer interactions and engagements. From personalized marketing messages to booking reminders, the automation capabilities are versatile and customizable.

When combined with the rich customer data stored in the FlowStack CDP, you can achieve highly targeted and individualized messaging. For example, you can automate ’lost basket’ messages to re-engage customers who abandoned their shopping carts, or deliver highly contextualized messages based on customers’ specific interests and website interactions.

Marketing automation allows you to automate various marketing messages across different channels, such as emails, SMS, social media, and more. These messages can be triggered by specific customer actions or events, ensuring timely and relevant communication.

Beyond traditional marketing messages, marketing automation can be applied to automate booking reminders, appointment confirmations, and other transactional notifications. This helps streamline customer interactions and improves overall customer experience.

With a CDP like FlowStack, you can track customer behavior and identify instances where customers abandon their shopping carts or fail to complete a purchase. Marketing automation can be used to send personalized “lost basket” messages, reminding customers about their pending purchase and potentially offering incentives to encourage conversion.

Marketing automation can enable highly contextualized messages based on customer interactions on your website. For example, if a customer shows interest in a particular product or category, automated messages can be triggered to provide relevant recommendations, promotions, or information related to their interests.

Marketing automation can be event-driven, responding to specific customer actions or triggers in real-time. This allows you to deliver timely and personalized messages based on customer behavior, preferences, or milestones, creating a more engaging and tailored experience.

By leveraging FlowStack’s marketing automation and orchestration features, you can create dynamic customer journeys and automate actions based on real-time triggers. This level of automation facilitates the delivery of personalized and timely messages, ultimately enhancing customer engagement and driving desired outcomes.


Highly personalized messages goes way beyond just saying “Hi Joe”. With the tight integration of CDP and Marketing Automation, you can send messages that are super relevant at the right time and within the right context. E.g. send an offer on new tires, when you know a customers tires are getting old and worn.

Customer Journeys

Customer Journeys are automated messaging flows that should happen in a customers interaction with your systems. With FlowStack you can create multiple big or small flows that enables you to create automated journeys with different messages, based on customers actions.

Website automation

You can even personalize your messaging on your website. Show a newsletter signup or “10% off” offer for unknown visitors. Show a relevant offer for known customers.

Direct Sendouts

With FlowStack you can create your messages now and schedule them for any time in the future. Your Direct Sendouts are based on Segments and will be sent to any customer matching that segment at sendout.

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