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FlowStack CDP The main purpose of the CDP is to gather all of your customer data, enabling advanced segmentation and data exploration, and making data available for other systems. By centralizing and organizing customer data from various sources, the CDP provides a comprehensive view of each customer’s interactions, preferences, and behaviors.

This wealth of data empowers marketers to create highly personalized messages at the right time and in the right context. With advanced segmentation capabilities offered by the CDP, marketers can divide their audience into precise groups based on demographics, behaviors, purchase history, and more. This level of segmentation enables targeted and relevant messaging, delivering content that resonates with individual customers.

Moreover, the CDP’s data exploration features allow marketers to delve deep into customer data, uncovering valuable insights and patterns. This exploration helps identify hidden opportunities, understand customer preferences, and refine marketing strategies. Armed with this knowledge, marketers can craft hyper-personalized messages that speak directly to customers’ needs and desires.

By making data available for other systems, the CDP facilitates seamless integration with marketing automation platforms, email service providers, ad networks, and other marketing tools. This integration ensures that personalized messages can be delivered across multiple channels and touchpoints, providing a consistent and cohesive customer experience.

In summary, the CDP’s role is not only to gather and organize customer data but also to enable advanced segmentation, data exploration, and integration with other systems. This powerful combination empowers marketers to unleash the potential of hyper-personalized messaging, delivering the right content to the right individuals at the right time and in the right context."

Unified Customer Data View

Gather your data from all of your silos and begin to see the full view. The CDP changes with your business as data sources are obsoleted and new sources are introduced, this ensures that you always have the complete view available for automation and segmentation.

Real-time Segmentation

The CDP doesn’t just enable regular synchronization with sources - it also enables real-time updates from website traffic and engagement via messages like e-mail and SMS. This empowers real-time and contextual messaging exactly when and where it is relevant.


The CDP is only really valuable when it can speak to any other system. FlowStack’s CDP is API first and enables you to create any integration needed. This ensures that you can get data from any system and send it to any system.

Backend for other apps

With your all of your data in one place, a unified schema and a powerful API, you can use the CDP as a backend for other apps - no matter if it’s for web, mobile or native.

Facebook Custom Audiences

With the powerful segmentation engine, you can create segments with your most valuable customers. You can synchronize these segments with Facebook Custom Audiences - you can even create Facebook Lookalike Audiences as a way to get new leads that resembles your most valuable customers.

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