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FlowStack API FlowStack can be utilized as a backend-as-a-service (BaaS) platform, leveraging its API-first architecture. As a BaaS, FlowStack provides a comprehensive set of APIs that enable developers to access and utilize its backend capabilities without having to build and manage their own infrastructure.

FlowStack’s API-first approach simplifies backend development by providing pre-built APIs that encapsulate complex functionality. Developers can leverage these APIs to perform common operations, such as retrieving customer data, managing segments, or triggering automated actions, without having to build these functionalities from scratch.

By utilizing FlowStack’s APIs, developers can rapidly prototype and develop applications that require customer data and marketing automation capabilities. The pre-built APIs abstract away the complexities of data storage, segmentation, and automation, allowing developers to focus on building the frontend and delivering value to end-users faster.

FlowStack’s backend infrastructure is designed to handle large volumes of data

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