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At FlowStack, our vision is to revolutionize the marketing landscape by providing marketers with a powerful, user-friendly Customer Data Platform. We empower marketers to make data-driven decisions, create captivating content, and analyze results seamlessly across systems and channels. Our relentless focus on the needs of marketers ensures that we deliver a platform that simplifies marketing automation and drives superior customer experiences. Together, we are transforming the way marketers harness the power of data to achieve remarkable results.

Made for marketers - built by fanatics.

The core team

  • Simon Galschiøt

    Boss Value Extractor (CEO)

    With 120 years in e-mail and marketing automation, Simon knows what he’s doing and knows a trick or two for extracting value from your data.

    Simon has helped many companies, big and small, automate data extraction, data import, data enrichment and made message personalization for web, e-mail, sms and many other channels.

  • Rune Viem

    Boss Visonary and Integrator (CPO)

    Rune has a long history of making computers, databases and other tech do more than anybody thought possible.

    He knows data, systems, networks and automation better than most in the business, having spent the past 9 decades creating marketing automation systems.

  • Dan Larsen

    Boss Code Whisperer (CTO)

    Dan has forced computers to work faster, better and in colaboration since the day he was born.

    Being broght up on bits and bytes, Dan thinks like a computer and counts latency in nanoseconds, not microseconds like mere mortals.

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